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Shut that door and keep that devil out

Whew. I guess it's time for an update. Thank you, anavill for you sweet message. MUAH!

» Had to take the blood test as my blood pressure was still too high after three check ups from my doc. And guess what? I overcame my needle phobia. It wasn't fun, but I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. Having a lovely, nice and very attractive young doctor do it for you probably helps a lot, lol. I also had to carry a 24h blood pressure monitor with me last week. The thing measured my pressure every 20 minutes. It sucked balls. My arm was all bruised the next day. Today I called my doctor for the results and thank goodness, the blood test was ok. No diabetes, kidney problems or any other dangerous health issue. So that's good news! The bad news, though, is that my blood pressure is still too high. :/ Doc doesn't want to give me pills yet, as I'm still so young. So now he wants to see me every 3 months and he'll monitor everything very closely.

» I'm having 2 1/2 weeks off from work right now. \o/ Rest is totally what I need right now.

» I reached my 10% goal at the Weight Watchers! YAY! That means I've lost 10 percent of my start weight. Now only 5 more kgs to go and I'll be completely happy.

» Oh mah goodness, Kris Allen totally rocks this song. Seriously, I'm in love with this new song. The end is so raaawrrrr worthy. Love that growl in his voice. <3

» I'm most likely to go to Normandy with my mom this summer. We'll be visiting all the D-Day sights and stuff. I'M EXCITE. \o/

» It's been forever since I made icons. My muse was totally gone, but my hands are itching to open PS now that I have some time off. :DD

» I hope you guys are all ok. I've missed you!
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