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This journal is semi friends only.

If you're looking for my icons/graphics, you can find them @ mellow_lights. I don't have a friending policy - if we have something in common and you want us to be friends, then please leave a comment here. =)
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If we just live our lives, putting our differences aside - oh that'd be beautiful me.

• No, I'm not dead. There's no excuse for my long absence, other than that I've made some big changes in my life the last couple of months. Meaning, living a RL instead of an online one and putting myself first for a change. That last thing is harder than it'd seem. Most important thing for me right now is to absolutely avoid stress at all costs. It's been affecting my blood pressure (which was very high last month due to the stress at work and commitments in RL) and so far, I'm doing pretty well. I'm making to-do-lists every week which helps me not feel so stressed, yay! :D Health wise I'm not doing as well as I'd like to, but I'm hoping once December is over and the busy time is behind me, I'll be better.

• My computer has crashed. D: I'm now using a crappy one from my dad, but it's better than nothing, right? Will be getting a new one next month, after Christmas. I wanted to buy an iMac so bad, but I decided to be cheap and spare myself €600 and just get a HP instead.

• I would love to start making icons again, it's been so long! But I wouldn't know where to start, I've missed so much and there are so many screencaps to chose from. D: Plus, this old crappy computer doesn't have PS. I'm hoping my muse will come back once I've got my new PC.

• I've stepped down as an editor for kradam_news, which makes me sad and guilty, but it's for the best. If anyone is interested in coding for the newsletter, email The help is much needed!

• I have a nail polish obsession. Especially with OPI. In the past 6 months or so I've bought almost 40 bottles. *facepalm* Most of them I bought on, way cheaper than here in the Netherlands! I just love OPI, especially their new Muppets Collection. Aaaah. ♥

OPI will have a collection dedicated to Holland in the spring. With names like I Don't Give A Rotterdamn (my hometown!), Wooden Shoe Like To Know and A Roll In The Hague how can I resist? And I just love the colors! Can't wait for the collection to arrive here. :D

A picture of my favorite color, Jade is the New Black on my nails:

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• I'm listening a lot to Jason Mraz lately. He's always been my favorite and will always be, but I had almost forgotten how happy he makes me feel listening to his almost disturbingly positive and optimistic songs. My new old favorite is Try, Try, Try. Very uplifting lyrics and just what I need when I'm not feeling well. :D

• Still watching Supernatural. Do not have to say much about that. S

• Do any of you watch Blue Bloods? No one ever talks about it. That's unfortunate, because it's an awesome show! Love Donnie Wahlberg in it as Danny Reagan. <3

• Speaking of Donnie Wahlberg, I'm going to a NKOTBSB concert in May. \o/ I've been a big fan of both bands in my teen years, so I'm really looking forward to that. Secretly, the real reason I'm going is to see Donnie/Lipton in RL, lol.

That's it for now! Hopefully I'll be getting back on track on LJ now that I've finally posted again. I missed you guys!
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Remember boys: flies spread disease, so keep yours closed.

Hi there! It sure has been a long time since I updated. Not much has happened in the time I’ve been away. But thank goodness the schoolyear has ended and I still have 4 weeks off before the new one begins. I’ve been on vacation to Normandy (and stayed in a lovely hotel in the town Carentan) to see the WWII sites. My health is still crap; headaches and soooo tired it’s insane. Let’s focus on the positive though; my free time and my short trip to Normandy. <3 We went from Monday 11 July till Friday 15 July.

Click under the cut to read the recap of my trip. Warning: lots of information comes with the pictures. Feel free to skip. :D

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Well, that’s it, folks. I’m going to finish an icon and then go to bed.
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Shut that door and keep that devil out

Whew. I guess it's time for an update. Thank you, anavill for you sweet message. MUAH!

» Had to take the blood test as my blood pressure was still too high after three check ups from my doc. And guess what? I overcame my needle phobia. It wasn't fun, but I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. Having a lovely, nice and very attractive young doctor do it for you probably helps a lot, lol. I also had to carry a 24h blood pressure monitor with me last week. The thing measured my pressure every 20 minutes. It sucked balls. My arm was all bruised the next day. Today I called my doctor for the results and thank goodness, the blood test was ok. No diabetes, kidney problems or any other dangerous health issue. So that's good news! The bad news, though, is that my blood pressure is still too high. :/ Doc doesn't want to give me pills yet, as I'm still so young. So now he wants to see me every 3 months and he'll monitor everything very closely.

» I'm having 2 1/2 weeks off from work right now. \o/ Rest is totally what I need right now.

» I reached my 10% goal at the Weight Watchers! YAY! That means I've lost 10 percent of my start weight. Now only 5 more kgs to go and I'll be completely happy.

» Oh mah goodness, Kris Allen totally rocks this song. Seriously, I'm in love with this new song. The end is so raaawrrrr worthy. Love that growl in his voice. <3

» I'm most likely to go to Normandy with my mom this summer. We'll be visiting all the D-Day sights and stuff. I'M EXCITE. \o/

» It's been forever since I made icons. My muse was totally gone, but my hands are itching to open PS now that I have some time off. :DD

» I hope you guys are all ok. I've missed you!
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back in town.

» Thank you all for your supporting words in my previous post. It’s been a while since then and I’m slowly getting back on my feet. Feeling better, I have more energy thanks to some pills the doc gave me. Still have headaches pretty regularly though. I’ll have to go back next week so he can check my blood pressure again. Let’s hope it’s not still too high. :P

» My posting dates for the kradamreversebb are on Feb 26 and March 5. :D The first one is a story samanthahirr has written and it’s kickass awesome. \o/ It suits the art perfectly and it’s just so good. I encourage you all to read it once it’s posted. The second one is a collaboration with the darling claire_kay. It’s completely different than the other one, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for when I created the art. It’s angsty, fun and overall just a beautiful fic. I’m so blessed to have such amazing authors for my art! Thank you ladies for the fun times.

» I’m watching Blue Bloods, the show with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. It’s great! Also finally watching Prison Break (in the 3rd season now) after much encouraging from my brother, who’s been telling me for years that I should watch it. Remember when I said I didn’t watch many tv shows? I’m an tv show junkie now.

» I’m seeing Bruno Mars on March 6. :D It’s in Paradiso (Amsterdam), the same venue that Adam played when he was here. I’m very much looking forward to that. I’m going shopping before the concert, cause Amsterdam is a great city to shop in. \o/

» I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since the beginning of January. Many people ask me why I want to lose weight. Well, I’ve slowly lost 55lbs four years ago and I loved that I did that on my own with no help. But after that, I started to eat the way I used to do before and I’ve been slowly gaining weight. Around 17 lbs or so. It’s not terribly much and I’m not really fat, but I hate my belly. Plus, when I checked my BMI it said I was a little overweight. Nothing too dangerous or life threatening, but still not a healthy weight. So I started with WW and it’s been great so far. Since it’s not really a diet, I can eat whatever I want. Just need to watch how much I eat (and stop when I feel I’m full), make healthy decisions when it comes to food (but still eat some chocolate every now and then without worrying about gaining weight, awesome!). I’ve already lost that 17 lbs I gained and now want to lose at least 10 lbs more. I really like the concept of WW – it doesn’t even feel like I’m on a diet!

» It’s my brothers birthday, so I’m heading out now. Have a lovely Saturday!
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Happy New Year!

Hiii flist!


It's already 2011 here (2.30am), I've had a blast and I'm seeing double.. If it's still 2010 where you are: have fun tonight!!! :D
bob : speirs xmas

Merry Holidays, merry couple of days. What a wintery way to say; I'm not working.

Happy Holidays, flist!

I hope you have a lovely time with your family and/or friends!

My favorite Holiday video/song ever. First time I watched this I cried tears of laughter. <3 Jason Mraz; brilliant musician. And comedian. He'll forever be my favorite. ♥

Do you have a favorite Holiday video or song? Tell me! =)
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The one with the bright eyes, laughed her way inside this music box

» I got eye contacts today! And you should know that I have an eye phobia. Everything about eyes I find icky and terrifying. But after a long and good discussion with my manicure lady last Tuesday I finally decided to just go for it and went to my optician this morning. The nice man waited patiently while I freaked out and showed me how to do it. After two hours, we finally got my contacts in, lol. My eyes kept blinking whenever the contact got close to my eye, haha. But once they were in it was wonderful. Seeing the world so clearly without glasses was GREAT. I only ever wear my glasses when I drive or when I'm watching TV. Luckily, getting the contacts out much easier. Getting them in though is still giving me trouble.

To those of you on my flists with contacts; did you also have a hard time getting your contacts in when you first got them? Any tips to get them in easier? Or just tips in general? =)

» Supernatural. I'm loving it. Collapse )

» Haven't seen the newest episodes of Glee yet. Will make some time for that tomorrow. They're airing Glee in the Netherlands now on Tuesday evenings. Fun! :D
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And after all, we'll have a ball

I just spent $175 on VIP tickets for Adam's concert in Amsterdam. You know what that means, people? It means that I'm going to MEET him. OMG, I feel like slapping myself right now. I'm so not good with meeting famous people. I'm still embarrassed by my first meeting with Jason Mraz - I was shaking so bad and he LAUGHED at me. It was humiliating, lol. But Jason was so sweet and funny, that I finally got myself under control and had a decent conversation with him.

Anyway, I'm meeting Adam Lambert. :D Nov 20th can't come soon enough now! *HYPERRRRR*

Oh, and Kris is singing in my country tonight. It's in Limburg, roughly 200kms away and it's for the US troops. So I don't think I can't get in. Waaah, so close yet so far away. I do love him for tweeting that picture though. <3
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comm promotion!


I always wanted to join a big bang challenge as an artist, but never had the balls to do it. Insecurities and nervousness always held me back. But this challenge is different than all the others, as the artist gets to create a piece and then authors have to write a story based on that piece. So I finally decided to just give it a go. :D

If you're an artist or an author in the Kradam fandom: GOOOO and sign up! \o/