|| i'm gonna be happy with the way that i am ||

7 February 1984
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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» Kim. 27. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I’m a teacher in real life. Teaching the young ones, 4/5 years old. I love my job.

» My journal is semi friends only. I don't have a friending policy - if we have something in common and you want us to be friends, then please leave a comment in my FO-post, so that I know that you added me. =)

» Likes: Adam Lambert → Kris Allen → Band of Brothers → Supernatural → Jensen Ackles → Jared Padalecki → White Collar → Matt Bomer → Glee → JoBros → John Mayer → Jason Mraz → Donavon Frankenreiter → Rik van de Westelaken → Jeroen van Koningsbrugge → Photoshop → Sleeping & dreaming → Donald Duck → Travelling → Comedy → The color orange

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