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The one with the bright eyes, laughed her way inside this music box

» I got eye contacts today! And you should know that I have an eye phobia. Everything about eyes I find icky and terrifying. But after a long and good discussion with my manicure lady last Tuesday I finally decided to just go for it and went to my optician this morning. The nice man waited patiently while I freaked out and showed me how to do it. After two hours, we finally got my contacts in, lol. My eyes kept blinking whenever the contact got close to my eye, haha. But once they were in it was wonderful. Seeing the world so clearly without glasses was GREAT. I only ever wear my glasses when I drive or when I'm watching TV. Luckily, getting the contacts out much easier. Getting them in though is still giving me trouble.

To those of you on my flists with contacts; did you also have a hard time getting your contacts in when you first got them? Any tips to get them in easier? Or just tips in general? =)

» Supernatural. I'm loving it. I adored the first two episodes. ♥ I'm liking the new Sam, don't trust Samuel at all and Dean's way with babies is adorable. And I liked Lisa more this episode. I'm glad she saw the light and sent Dean on his way to his brother (to whom where he belongs).

Oh, and can I just mention that I LOVE the lighting and colors in this season? Every scene looks so bright and gorgeous. ♥__♥

» Haven't seen the newest episodes of Glee yet. Will make some time for that tomorrow. They're airing Glee in the Netherlands now on Tuesday evenings. Fun! :D
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