Kim (highdreams) wrote,

And after all, we'll have a ball

I just spent $175 on VIP tickets for Adam's concert in Amsterdam. You know what that means, people? It means that I'm going to MEET him. OMG, I feel like slapping myself right now. I'm so not good with meeting famous people. I'm still embarrassed by my first meeting with Jason Mraz - I was shaking so bad and he LAUGHED at me. It was humiliating, lol. But Jason was so sweet and funny, that I finally got myself under control and had a decent conversation with him.

Anyway, I'm meeting Adam Lambert. :D Nov 20th can't come soon enough now! *HYPERRRRR*

Oh, and Kris is singing in my country tonight. It's in Limburg, roughly 200kms away and it's for the US troops. So I don't think I can't get in. Waaah, so close yet so far away. I do love him for tweeting that picture though. <3
Tags: music: adam lambert, music: kris allen
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